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Freestyle Event Partners

Berg Bounce Fest

GRT & the FTA have partnered with Berg Toys in the Netherlands to bring a fun event full of challenges and games in September 2019

North GTGamesEU

The North GTGamesEU was presented by GRT at Ollerup Gymnastic School once again in August 2019. Over 70 athletes from across Europe competed for the prizes in a Game of Tramp and a spectacular 2-trick combo, as part of the 3 Event GTGames Series created by GRT in 2017.

Freestyle Frenzy

The World's First Supertramp Battle Series takes place in Europe from November 2018 until April, 2019. The top Freestyle Supertramp athletes battle it out in one of 4 events for a chance to compete in the Championships in The Netherlands.

Tempest GRTGamesUS

One of the flagship events of the year is the GRTGames. We partnered with Tempest Freerunning Academy in Vista, CA to bring a fun event freestyle community (gtramp) showcasing some of the best athletes from across the world!

T.R.A.M.P CHAMP Series

In 2018, GRT and the FTA parterned together to bring the popular game of TRAMP to kids across the world. The Game, launched initially at the GTGames in 2017 became a feeder system to discover new young talent globally. The winner of each event in two age groups (JR & SR) were awarded an automatic entry to the GTGames in the US or Europe. Events were held in the US, all across Europe and in New Zealand. This popular Series will return in 2019 again.


Join us for GRAVALANCHE, the first event of its kind. Gravalanche will take place on Venice Beach right on the sand, between the iconic Graffiti walls and skateboard park. At Gravalanche, you can flip alongside the world's top flippers. The event will have music, food, competitions and surprise guests. Gravalanche will feature the first ever outdoor flipping park by Defy.

5 x 5 Supertramp Battle

The FTA partnered with WOOP! in Ljubljana, Slovenia to host a 5 x 5 m Supertramp battle where athletes could challenge each other for up to 30 seconds of their best skills and tricks with judges scoring their creativity and skill level for some fun prizes.

SoCal Meetup

Skybound brought an exclusive opportunity to the Southern California flipping community by hosting a fun meetup and video session with top CA flippers and trickers

FlipCon 2018

Partnering with CircusTrix we brought the GRTCrew to the inaugural meetup of the best of the gtramp and flipping community


One of the flagship events of the year is the GTGames. We partnered with Skybound Trampolines to bring a fun event to the garden trampoline community (gtramp) showcasing some of the best athletes from across the world!

Air Games

Held in Sweden, the event combined trampoline and parkour to show creativity and mobility over just straight tricks and included the best athletes from the US and Europe


This Expo brought together the GRTCrew and the public to showcase the sport of trampoline with a fun game of T.R.A.M.P

Shant Jam 2018

Brought to the community by the popular merchandise brand, Gravitated Equations, to bring tricking and freestyle to a fun event

GTGamesEU 2018

The popular GTGames is now expanding to include Europe in August of 2018! By partnering with Ollerup Gymnastik School in Denmark, the Europeans now have a platform to showcase their talent

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